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Space Fence Lockheed Martin
European Phased Adaptive Approach, Phase III

Design, fabrication, and installation of shielding to mitigate the effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) within the Space Fence Sensor Site in Kwajalein Island 

Design, furnish and constructed EMI shielded systems. The project is comprised of 4 EMI Shielded Volumes to include the Transmit (Tx) Building, Receiver (Rx) Building, Common Services (CSF) Building and the Operations (OPS) Building.  The shielded plate is a SS316L steel grade to meet the 25-year life cycle requirement. Total shielded square foot area includes approximately 95,000 square feet. ATEC also furnished and installed all wave-guide pipe penetrations, mechanical air vents, electrical filters and double door vestibules for equipment and personnel access.

Five (5) RF single and six (6) RF shielded double doors. Doors constructed of 11-gauge stainless steel frame surfaces (type 316) and door leafs with 0.040 stainless steel (type 316) laminated on each side.

6 – 3-line 2400AMP 480VAC EMI Filters (MPE) with customized SS cabinets by ATEC

2 – 3-line 3200AMP 480VAC EMI Filters (MPE) with customized SS cabinets by ATEC

• 18 additional EMI filters ranging from 32AMP up to and including 400AMP

24 various sizes of Honeycomb WBCs ranging from 12”x12” – 36” x 36”

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