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HEMP Protection Systems
FT. Greely and Eareckson Air Station, AK

Fabrication, erection, and welding of the ¼” & 1/8”carbon steel HEMP shield plates (over 82,000 square feet) on all ceilings, walls and floors of the HEMP protected areas.

Testing of protective devises: wave-guide below cutoffs (WBCs), inductive element electrical filters, metal-oxide varistors , RF shielded pull boxes, RF wave guide arrays, RF honeycomb wave guides, RF shielded conduits/protected wire way distributions and RF shielded HEMP type doors)-94 inductive input HEMP RF filter cabinet assemblies with Surge Arrestors, double RF shielded compartments

24  HEMP RF door and frame assemblies, double knife-edge type, welded frames and audio/visual warning interlock system for each vestibule.

RF wave-guide arrays fabricated from 4” steel tubes 30” long welded into large assemblies for large volume, high velocity venting with some weighing over 6000 pounds.

Steel formed RF expansions joints in ceiling panels and structural penetrations as required to meet Seismic Conditions.

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