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When planning a highly technical construction project, the owner is often so consumed with the details of the “special construction” that the ordinary aspects of the construction process are forgotten, like engaging the services of architects, engineers, a general contractor and subcontractors, procuring permits, and calling for building inspections. All of these details can quickly overwhelm the most tireless entrepreneur. More importantly, can the owner afford an extensive amount of time away from his or her business while he or she coordinates all the design and construction aspects of the project?

One solution is to work with ATEC, a technical facilities contractor that excels in a broad array of specialized construction and can deliver your project with a Design/Build/Turnkey delivery system.

ATEC’s excellent track record in both general and technical facilities construction allows us to provide a turnkey solution to overcome this common problem. Our extensive experience includes a variety of specialty construction projects, including:

  • Government secure facilities
  • Electronic test labs
  • Medical imaging facilities
  • SCIFs
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Acoustically secure facilities
  • RF anechoic test chambers

Our teams consist of architects and engineers, as well as subcontractors with extensive experience in technical facilities construction, which often requires an accelerated schedule and uncommon construction sequencing.

The single most important element of a turnkey project is the design. The design is a collaborative effort involving the owner, design team, construction team, material and equipment manufacturer. The team synergy is paramount in producing an accurate set of design documents. Without input from an experienced team and close coordination by a knowledgeable contractor, the resulting design documents will not address all the significant aspects of a specialty project.

Understanding how to produce complete construction documents is the key to obtaining a building permit and beginning construction process. Our team maintains an aggressive, time-sensitive approach throughout the design and preconstruction process. Our sensitivity to this issue shortens the project schedule – often by as much as 50% – resulting in earlier occupancy and, by extension, revenue generation from the facility.

Recently completed projects include:

Washington Multi-Modality Imaging Facility
Bethesda, Maryland

12,000 SF design/build construction in a new, high-end, commercial high-rise office building, including high field MRI suite, multi-slice CT suite, RAD and Ultrasound suites. The second floor facility, with extensive structural floor reinforcement on the first floor, incorporated high-end finishes including marble, imported wood panels, and wall carpet. Completed 2003.

Hyper Computing Research Center
Arlington, Virginia

35,000 SF government secure, shielded facility (both SCIF and RF) included multi-departmentalization, a 65-ton computer-chilled water system, emergency generator with battery backup, 12 semiautomatic RF shielded doors and 400 Hz power. Completed 1995.

Seven Square Imaging Facility
Baltimore, Maryland

6,000 SF multi-modality imaging facility included a high field MRI suite, multi-slice CT suite, RAD and Ultrasound suites. The MRI included magnetic shielding and RF shielding, structural reinforcement, fast track construction and expedited inspections. Completed 2003.

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